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The Sociedad Caldense de Ornitología —SCO— is a non-governmental organization of an environmental nature, whose purpose is the conservation, defense and study of birds and their habitats. As a general purpose, it seeks the preservation and care of the environment of the department of Caldas, without forgetting the enjoyment that can be derived from the simple observation of nature.

The Sociedad Caldense de Ornitología the second ornithological organization in the country to be legally established in 1984. Now, made up of professionals and students from various disciplines, it takes advantage of this condition to better understand environmental problems and suggest conservation alternatives.

The SCO, in its capacity as a member of the National Network of Bird Observers – RNOA – has formulated, promoted or coordinated conservation initiatives such as ENCA-National Strategy for the Conservation of Birds, eBird Colombia, the “Esperando Gavilanes” program and the Christmas and Aquatic Bird Censuses.

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The growing interest in bird watching among people, who find in this activity a space to contemplate the local birdlife and at the same time a way to advance awareness processes on biodiversity conservation issues; Birds are a class of living beings that have great importance for their valuable functions for ecosystems, being present for human beings throughout history as a source of inspiration and admiration for the color of their plumage, the grace of their songs and the grandeur of their flights.

The region has more and more suitable spaces, which make it easier to learn about the great variety of bird species present so that people are motivated to go out and see them; However, it is necessary to offer an approach to enthusiasts and beginners, which is how the “Initiation to Bird Watching” workshop provides theoretical-practical content for those looking to get started in this exciting activity, through semi-accompaniment. personalized in a first contact with the world of birds, providing tools to delve into their contemplation and above all transmit the message of nature conservation.

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