Mission Birdwatching Clubs and Indigenous

Caldas / Colombia

    In the 11th version of the Avitourism Congress, the aim is to make visible the work of the birdwatching clubs and what they do in their communities, for this reason this mission is presented in which the participation of these actors will be visible in the academic agenda, sharing experiences of rural and community progress and ventures of the value chain in bird tourism.

    This “mutual learning” mission aims to strengthen capacities during the Avitourism Congress, strengthening both theoretical and practical knowledge and promoting responsible birdwatching with the conservation of biodiversity and local communities. Participants will be able to acquire conceptual and methodological tools to promote economies that link different actors in the tourism value chain that generate ideal labor dynamics in populations. For this reason, it is key to highlight the promotion of birdwatching in rural areas and the involvement of members of birdwatching clubs, indigenous communities and the inclusion of small businesses related to nature tourism so that they take ownership and empowerment of this activity and in turn promote inclusion in their municipalities.

    Additionally, it is intended to highlight the importance of these local actors in their communities through the forum “Influence of birds in communities” in which the guests will give us an overview of how, through knowledge of birds and their localities, communities have been positively transformed and through this knowledge, more people are made aware, thus generating viable conservation strategies promoted by the local actors themselves, to finally show that Colombia not only has a wealth of birds but also of communities that are willing to conserve them.

    Forum (included in the congress plans)
    Influencia de las aves en las comunidades
    DateTimePlaceSpace available
    Friday, November 103:00 – 3:45pmAuditorio principal
    C.C. Termales El Otoño



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