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Jonathan has been birding since he was 10 years old and by the age of 14 was active in birding clubs and obtained a banding license. Today, Jonathan is the most experienced birding tour leader in Israel, with sharp identification skills and a keen interest in desert birds, migration and vagrancy patterns.

Since 2010 Jonathan served as the Tourism Director for Birdlife Israel. Jonathan and his team have developed several large-scale international events; the Hula and Eilat Birding Festivals, seminars around bird conservation, and more. In recent years Jonathan has devoted most of his time to the “The Champions of the Flyway” project. COTF is an international bird race that takes place in Eilat, Israel every spring, specifically tackling the illegal killing of birds on migration. As Champions of the Flyway project coordinator, Jonathan also trains colleagues in other countries who want to develop birding-related tourism activities as “fuel” for conservation. In late 2022 Jonathan opened Flyways Birding and Nature Tours, a birding tour company with a strong emphasis on giving back to conservation. Flyways bring many birders to Israel and takes tours to various destinations around the world, including a tour to beautiful Colombia, immediately after the conference.

Master conference (included in the congress plans)
Champions of the Flyway – racing for conservation
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Saturday, November 112:15 – 3:00pmMain auditórium
C.C. Termales El Otoño

Champions of the Flyway is a bird race held in Eilat Israel every spring. Teams of birders from around the world race to find as many species as possible in a 24-hour period, all over Israel’s deserts. The goal of the race is to raise awareness and money to projects tackling the illegal killing of birds along the flyways, one country at a time. Over the years we have raised over half a million $ for conservation and have had many small victories in many countries around the world.

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