Jhon Jairo Jiménez M

Colombia / Professional tourism guide

Professional tourism guide, specialist in Bird Watching Guidance, with several years of experience in the tourism sector. He was the founder and director of the Bogotá Avitourism Technical Board (Quyncha) for 3 years, he is the CEO of the travel agency focused on Biotourism “Antua”.

Photographer passionate about birds and nature. He is currently a member of the accessible tourism network of Bogotá and a leading professional of tourist guides in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Master conference (included in the congress plans)
Bird watching as a regenerative practice through tourism
DateTimePlaceSpace available
Saturday, November 105:30 – 6:15pmNereidas room
C.C. Termales El Otoño


Around the exercise of guided and bird watching, I have been able to tour Colombia and develop tools that have allowed me to create new narratives around the conservation of Colombian ecosystems and, in turn, how the need to differentiate has been identified in this exercise. Bird watching and avitourism, are practices that share similarities but meet different needs of tourists interested in this beautiful activity. In this way, I have developed experiences according to the particular needs according the visitor’s intention, structuring in particular, experiences linked to environmental education from pedagogical mediation in the field, thus generating activities around Biotourism. In this way, projects such as the 1st and 2nd Bogotá Bird Tourism Festival were born, extending this work with experiences around accessibility and inclusion mainly for people with visual and hearing barriers.

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