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Mexico / Nature photographer

Mexican nature photographer. A chemist by profession, she developed the artistic side of herself as a photographer upon arriving in Costa Rica (her current country of residence), falling in love with its extraordinary biodiversity. Technician in Photography and Digital Editing from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. She is the owner of Kialä, a sustainable clothing and accessories company, with designs inspired by photographs she authored.

Her photographic art has crossed borders and has been recognized worldwide, winning the Sony Alpha Female award in 2022 and more recently, the Open Competition Photographer of the Year award at the Sony World Photography Awards 2023. She was part of the photographic portfolio that represented to his country at the Singapore 2023 Photography World Cup. His work has been exhibited in several countries, including Costa Rica, England, Switzerland, Argentina, Italy, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and Mexico.

Master conference (included in the congress plans)
Nature photography, the most incredible trip of my life
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Saturday, November 113:00 – 3:45pmMain auditórium
C.C. Termales El Otoño


There are people who write their history with words. I, however, write it with photographs.

Photography is the Art that gives me life, that feeds my soul. It is the magic that has allowed me to find that artistic creativity and sensitivity, which takes me to a private world of shapes, lights and colors. It is in this world where I have found my own way of looking, where I have captured that illusion of reality and where I have created a special nostalgia to remember that moment that will never return. Each of my photographs tells a story. It also represents me as an artist and lover of Nature.

Through my passion for photography I have been able to capture natural beauties in images that fill me with life and satisfaction every day. Hand in hand with my camera, my eternal adventure companion, I have traveled incredible paths, reaching places I once dreamed of. As a photographer I have the privilege of being able to transmit the beauty and knowledge that I find in the extraordinary natural world, but also the commitment to use my images as conservation tools, thus having the opportunity to give back a part of what Nature has given me. given.

Thus, what once started as a hobby has become the most incredible trip of my life…

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